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Collection: Pawsome Pet Patterns

We've partnered up with WatchBandFam to bring you these adorable pet patterns.  Created with the same, high-quality bands that we use for our custom bands, these are sure to look and feel great!
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  • Ruff Ya Doin?
    Ruff Ya Doin?
  • B&W Fittin' Kittens
    B&W Fittin' Kittens
  • Pawsome Pups
    Pawsome Pups
  • Teal Cool Cats
    Teal Cool Cats
  • Purple Fittin' Kittens
    Purple Fittin' Kittens
  • Pink Fittin' Kittens
    Pink Fittin' Kittens
  • Fur Babies
    Fur Babies
  • Pups N Bones
    Pups N Bones
  • Ruff Ya Doin? B&W
    Ruff Ya Doin? B&W
  • Teal Pawsome Pups
    Teal Pawsome Pups
  • Dog N Bone
    Dog N Bone
  • Ruff Day
    Ruff Day
  • Tan Puppy Stands
    Tan Puppy Stands
  • Neutral Pups
    Neutral Pups
  • Hot Pink Party Cats
    Hot Pink Party Cats
  • Purr-suasive Felines
    Purr-suasive Felines
  • Rainbow Party Cats
    Rainbow Party Cats
  • Fittin' Kittens
    Fittin' Kittens
  • Ice Cream Party Cats
    Ice Cream Party Cats
  • Paw-sitively Cool Cats
    Paw-sitively Cool Cats
  • B&W Cat Stands
    B&W Cat Stands